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Welcome to my first post


Hello everybody  it's been very busy days lately, trying to populate our store. While more is still to be done, it is clear we have achieved our goals within the time set up.

We are actually ready to receive our first order. amazon check out will be added in a couple of days. Paypal and shopify check out are up and running and we do not expect any issue at all at this point. We cannot wait to receive your order

  • Nesbit on

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    Good hosting for 10 bucks a year and VPS for 6 bucks a month.


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  • Ucherica on

    everything works out fine

  • Ejike on

    It doesn’t look like the payment check out is working. I couldn’t complete my order purchase.
    Thank you

  • osita dinma on

    This looks good but you should update the storefront more to showcase some of your other items.

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